Story 02: Education of a Dropout

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Sidebar: Antioch College

Written by Mike Spock

What kind of education do we want?

This is the question young men and women must ask themselves in choosing a college. Antioch College is an attempt to find a new pattern in liberal education. It believes that how wisely a man lives is, in the end, the measure of how well educated he is. He must not only know but use what he knows.

Therefore, Antioch seeks to set up in education a continuous movement backward and forward between theory and experiment, thought and action, books and life.


  1. the usual college experience of textbooks, laboratories, professors, and fellow students, Antioch College adds:
  2. the experience of being a contributing adult members of the working world and society at large, and
  3. the experience of taking part in a campus community dedicated to the attempt to evolve better ways of living.

–Introduction, Antioch College

Bulletin, Catalogue Issue, 1948-49

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