Story 08: Working Together To Get It Right

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Sidebar: Thank yous

Written by Joan Lester

I would like to close where I began—offering deep thanks to my first mentors, who seemed to have decided that this pesky and persistent graduate student was worth trying to reach. And still more thankfulness to all the Native people since then who have been willing to share their knowledge, their frustrations and on many occasions, even their friendship with me. A long time ago, a Native friend told me to "just follow the footsteps." I have tried and it has taken me on a incredible life-changing journey for which I will always be grateful.

Earliest Mentors

Nogeeshik Aquash, Ralph and Hazel Dana, Vine de Loria, Frank James, Rick Hill, Oren Lyons, and Tall Oak.

Harvard Graduate Students

Renee Attean, Henrietta Blueye, Dennis and Bill Demmert, John Howell, Hartman Lomaiwaima,

Wayne Newell, Peter Soto, Rosita Wohrl, and Art Zimiga.

All the members of The Children's Museum Advisory Boards

Cynthia Akins, Joan Avant, Helen Attaquin, Amelia Bingham, Linda Coombs, Maurice Foxx,

Helen Haynes, Frank James, Paulla Jennings, Randy Joseph, Vernon and Mary Lopez, Carol and Earl Mills, Nanepashemet, Tall Oak, Jim Peters, Doris Seale, and Gladys Widdiss.

The Children's Museum Interns

Edith Andrews, Linda Coombs, Dawn Dove, Joyce Ellis, Paulla Gonsalez, Paulla Jennings, and Ramona Peters

New England Artists

Billy Altvatar, Rene Attean, Josephine Bailey, Andrea Bear, Len Bayrd, Edna Becker, Marlene Black, Vernon Chrisjohn, Mary Creighton, Eunice Crowley, Darrell Moses Bridges, Joe Dana, Suzanne Fox, David Francis, John Francis, Theresa Gardner, Joe Johns, Clara Keezer, Rose Lewis, Frank Loring, Carol, Alice and Vincent Lopez, Vernon Lopez, Minnie Malonson, Joe Murphy, Ramona Peters, Stan Neptune, Leslie Ranco, Princess Red Wing, Ella Seckatau, Lola Sockbasin, Tchin, Fred Tomah, Donald Widdiss, and Gladys Widdiss.

Pueblo Artists

Delbridge Honanie, Fred Kabotie, Nora Naranjo Morse, Evelyn Ortiz, Diego Romero, Jean Sahmi, Charlene Teters, and Chris and Paul Thomas.

Museum Staff

Helen Attaquin, Linda Coombs, Nancy Eldredge, Bette Haskins, Kitty Hendricks, Paulla Jennings, Carol Mills, Cinnamon Nolley, Russell Peters, Diosa Summers, Tobias Van der Hoop, and Annawon Weeden.

More Friends and Colleagues

Mary Lou Awiakta, Jesse little doe Fermino Baird, Ernestine Begay, Blue Jay, Marge Bruchac, Big Toe, Barry Dana, Harold Champlain, Sedonia Champlain, Melvin Coombs, Hartman Deetz, Jo Ann Dunn, Eleanor Dove, Evening Star, Walter Echohawk, Sly Fox, Ray Gonyea, Rayna Green, June Hendrickson, Gail Hill, Theresa Hoffman, George and Necia Hopkins, George Horse Capture, Pat Landry, Minnie Malonson, Helen Manning, Earl Mills Sr., Emma Jo Mills,

John Mitchell, Arnie Neptune, James Neptune, Jennifer Neptune, Neana Neptune, Millie Noble,

Ray One Bear, Kim Peters, Paula Peters, Russell Peters, Jonathan Perry, Bruce Poolaw, Trudy Lamb Richmond, Jill Schibles, Cassius Spears, Dawn Spears, Loren Spears, Robin Stahl, Gladys Tantaquidgeon, Slow Turtle, Lavinnia Underwood, Berta Welch, and Princess Winona.

Tomah Joseph Advisory Board

Martin Dana, Joe Murphy, Jo Ann Dana, Joseph Nicolas, David Francis, John Francis, and Bernie Perley.

Tufts University Students

Kristen Dorsey, April Ivy, Andrew Morrison, Natan Obed, Talia Quandelacy, and Rob Shaw.

Non-Native Allies

Judy Battat, Anne Butterfield, Ted Coe, Becky Colewell, Cheri Corey, Lauren Consolazio, Sandy Davis, Tamara Grybko, Elaine Heumann Gurian, Barbara Hail, Russell Handsman, Sing Hanson, Diane Kopec, Phyl O'Connell, Sherry Penn, Ruth Phillips, Leah Rosenmeier, Elizabeth Clark Rosenthal, Jeremy Sabloff, Siobhan Senier, Mike Spock, Betts Swanton, Marty Sullivan, Mike Volmar, and Virginia Zanger.

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