Story 09: Beyond Museum Walls

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Why did the museum consolidate its school and community resources for the move downtown?

Written by Dorothy Merrill

Although all of the departments were productive and successful in their own realms, downsizing the departments became unavoidable. Both the Teacher Services and Community Services Divisions had to fund their programs through grants, fees, and fundraisers. In the mid '70s these divisions found themselves competing for the same funding sources. Many of the teacher training functions were now being provided through Wheelock College and Lesley College. In planning for the move to the center of the city Mike decided to merge these divisions into one, the Resource Center Division, which would include Community Services, the Library, Kit Rental Department, RECYCLE, and the Boston Public Schools Programs funded by Chapter 636. Jim Zien directed this division through the first months at Museum Wharf, and then Pat Steuert took over from 1981 through 1986 when she became associate director of the museum.

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