Story 04: Where Did the Ideas Come From?

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Sidebar: Endings Visitors Reveal Thoughts about the Exhibit and about Death

Written by Janet Kamien

Endings included a Talk Back board on which questions were posed for visitors to answer and post.

What do you and your family believe happens to people after they die?

  • They turn into a skeleton.
  • Well I think they go see god and live with him. I don't know what my family thinks.
  • I believe they walk up to heaven and get wings.
  • The soul lives on (I think).
  • They decay. Jesus comes. They will come back to life. If they have been faithful to him.
  • When you die you are brought to Riverworld.

Tell us what you think of this exhibit. Share your own experiences with death.

  • It's rotten.
  • I thought it was sad but I thought it was good to talk about death anyway. I'd like to make up a play about death sometime, too.
  • I don't like death. It scares me.
  • Sometimes I want my mother to die.
  • I think this exhibit teaches people how to handle death if someone in their family dies. Someone in my family died and it was very hard for me because I loved her.
  • Well done, but kids in preschool wouldn't understand.
  • I thought the puppet show was beneficial, especially to me. The woman explained the feelings a person has when a loved one dies very well. It made me cry, and I felt a little angry at my parents. My brother committed suicide when I was 18 (he was 19). When I became saddened with grief, my parents worried and put me in an institution. I had no one to talk to about it and what I felt—unanswered questions...After seeing this film I realize that my feelings were normal. This experience was very educational and made me feel better about death and dying.
  • I had 2 guinea pigs died. So we got 2 more. So we had 2 of them died. We only have 1 now. The other 3 are buried outside.

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