Story 04: Where Did the Ideas Come From?

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Sidebar: Everyone is a Dyslexic at The Children’s Museum

Written by Janet Kamien

Our most famous dyslexic was Mike himself. Imagine being the son of the noted "baby doctor" and being unable to read! Of course, Mike learned this and many other things that learning disabled kids find hard to master, as did the rest of us similarly affected co-workers. We were legion. Our curator, Joan Lester, Elaine, myself—we were impossible spellers, letter transposers and perfectly capable of writing numerals backwards. The joke was, if you learned better by doing, touching and trying than you did by reading or writing, The Children's Museum was a great place to work. But our learning quirks sometimes helped us. Many of us were used to arriving at solutions to problems in eccentric ways. Our arsenal of presentation and teaching tools was broad as a result and doing, touching, and trying were always a part of it.

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