Story 11: Learning to Lead

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Sidebar: Meetings & Staff Notes (1966-1970)

Written by Mike Spock

In some ways, each of us only had a fragmentary understanding of what was going on throughout the museum, and especially of all the things that might actually affect or interest us. In service of communication, as a supplement to the sprawling staff meeting, and what is now called "transparency," we began to publish "Staff Notes." Printed in Ozalid purple (we couldn't afford one of the new Xerox copiers) it telegraphed weekly news developments until the reorganization during the Director Project only to reappear as the "Wharf Gazette." Those early "Staff Notes" and the later "Wharf Gazettes" have been mined by the Boston Stories team to understand some of the history of the museum in the '60s and '70s. The "Wharf Gazette" masthead was one of Andy Merriell's great designs.

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